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Aashyana Celebration Event

23 January 2019

We held our celebration at the Barton Hill Settlement Community Hall, offering free advice and giveaways.

Stallholders included Aashyana Housing Advice Service, Wessex Water, Bristol Energy Network, We Care and Repair, CASS, Bristol Fire and Rescue and WHAM. They provided free advice around themes including Housing, Energy, Maintenance and Fire safety.

Everyone enjoyed the music from the live local Bhangra band along with free locally produced food.

Attendees enjoyed the event, leaving with comments such as, “Thank you for the invitation, it was a lovely event” and “It was very useful to speak to such a range of people”.

The event proved useful in terms of the advice given with comments such as, “I’m a bit worried about my housing and I spoke to Aashyana today so I can start the process of improving it”

Stallholder feedback was also positive with comments such as, “Thank you for having us it’s been a really lovely event” and “Great way to meet new people and gain knowledge of other charities and organisations”.

Here are some images from the event
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